Akhaltsikhe Office

Georgian Business Development Center Caucasia Akhlatsikhe Office was established on December 22, 2007 with financial support of OSCE Mission to Georgia and USAID SME Support Project and technical support of Akhaltsikhe Institute, Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Shota Rustaveli Batumi State University, Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in frames of “Regional Student Consulting Program in Samtskhe-Javakheti”.


GBDC caucasia Akhaltsikhe Office, that is located in the second block of Akhlatsikhe Institute, provides consultations and assistance to local farmers and SMEs.


Totally 52 student were trained during two round training sessions in GBDC Caucasia Akhaltsikhe Office. Most of them were involved in student Consulting Projects and/or were employed in different companies.


After successful completion of business trainings Student Consulting Officers (SCOs) worked on business plans and grant proposals in behalf of local SMEs for submission in MCG ADA and IV round of Grant Competition announced by USAID SME Support Project. Projects developed by SCOs of GBDC Caucasia Akhlatsikhe Office see below.  


On 5th of July GBDC Caucasia, USAID SME Support Project, OSCE Mission to Georgia and Elit-Electornics organized Education and Job Placement forum 2008  in Akhaltsikhe as a conclusive stage of Regional Student Consulting Program in Samtskhe-Javakheti.


As a result of Education and Job placement Forum in Akhaltsikhe, GBDC Caucasia received 1625 CVs, and invited companies – 1584 CVs, according to their job criteria. The grates amount of applications got “Taoprivatebank” (262 CVs)


Totally about 30 companies participated in Education and Job Placement Forum 2008 in Akhalsikhe.


Projects implemented by GBDC Caucasia Akhaltsikhe Office SCOs were presented on Forum for funding:

  • Publishing House in Akhlatsikhe Institute
  • Student Café in Akhlatsikhe Institute
  • Sport Club in Akhlatsikhe Institute
  • Conference Hall in Akhlatsikhe Institute

    LTD “Medea” – Guesthouse in Abastumani, funded by USAID SME Support Project, grant amount 38 630 GEL


At the beginning of 2009, GBDC Caucasia Akhaltsikhe Office became an independent NGO.   

Projects implemented by GBDC Caucasia Akhaltsikhe Office


The following projects had been developed by SCOs and are being implemented in Akhaltsikhe Institute:

  • Student Café
  • Publishing House  
  • Sport Club
  • Conference Hall


Grant proposals had been developed to submit in Millennium Challenge Georgia Fund Agribusiness Development Activity (MCG ADA):


“Meskheti Fromaje” – Cheese production in Aspindza. The entrepreneur plans to produce and realize several type of Georgian cheese and French cheese “Camamber”.


LTD “Aqua-Terra-Production” – Trout production in village Samtsevrisi, Kareli district. In frames of the project, it is planned to purchase trout from surrounding trout producers, pack it and sell to Azerbaijan company “Caspian Fish”.   


Sole Proprietorship “Otar Vanadze” – Cattle farm in Ninotsminda district, producing and selling milk and meat in Samtskhe-Javakheti Region.


Sole Proprietorship “Davit Minadze” – Entrepreneur plans to purchase new species of ship and expand distribution chain in all over Samtskhe-Javakheti Region and Shida Kartli.


LTD “Medea” – Guesthouse in Abastumani, that was funded by USAID SME Support Project (38 630 GEL)


Computer Center” - Business initiative of SCO Elguja Ivanidze about opening computer service center in village Uraveli was funded by “Care International” (3000 GEL).


“Closed Café in Abastumani” – SCOs of GBDC caucasia Akhaltsikhe Office developed a grant proposal for IV round of Grant Competition announced by USIAD SME Support Project.