GBDC Beekeeping Capacity Development in Zemo Adjara

In 2016 – 2017 GBDC Caucasia have technically assisted 80 Beekeepers in frames of Project – “Capacity Building of Zemo Adjara Beekeepers”, funded by Adjaris Tskali Georgia, 95% in Khulo and 5% in Shuakhevi. All Beekeepers past in-class and also practical trainings at their apiaries and local community clubs. Field visits and permanent telephone communication was applied to monitor the progress of individual apiaries  targeted. More than 50% of beekeepers received bee hives and bee colonies that were imported from Regions of Samegrelo and Guria, those bee colonies were successfully adapted to new environment of Zemo Adjara, they were successfuly breaded with local population of bees and resulted in extension of existing and new targeted apiaries from 30% to 100%.
Success stories:
-         start-up beekeeper in Tsablana received 2 individual bee colonies and additional 2 bee hives in Tsablana Village, Khulo in 2016 and reached 12 bee colonies in 2017 thanks to relevant breading technology proposed by Project Bee Experts
-         in village Kvatia 6 targeted bee keepers made informal cooperation and purchased Honey Strainer using co-funding component of project
-         in 2016 through Batumi Honey Festival, beekeepers organized sales of their produce
-         in 2017 Machakhela Honey Festival, Turkey hosted beekeepers from Adjara, GBDC Caucasia has presented honey produced by Ioseb Beridze(project targeted beekeeper), Village Kvatia, the honey received the highest remarks from Turkish dealers among other Adjarian honey samples presented
-         GBDC Caucasia has published Beekeeping Practical Guide to project targeted beekeepers and also produced online version that can be downloaded by all beekeepers in Adjara
GBDC Caucasia is continuing progress monitoring and honey sales assistance of targeted beekeepers in Khulo through telephone communication with assistance of:
- “Tapli Kolkhuri” Cooperative Leader(Samegrelo Region), Mrs. Marine Kardava who is certified Beekeeping Trainer and Specialist of USAID ZRDA and UNDP Project
-   Mr. David Tsomaia – GBDC Caucasia Agribusiness Specialist, Expert of Beekeeping and Veterinary
-   Mr. Tamaz Kakhidze – LTD Machakhela - Director  
-   local coordinators, beekeeping veterinary specialists located in Adjaristkali  and Skhalta Villages, Mr. Rodam Shavadze and Mr. Temur Shainidze
-   Mr. Sergo Baramidze – GBDC Caucasia Director