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Ana Bolkvadze

Contact information

Name, Surname: Ann Bolkvadze


Telephone number:                                                                                     mobile: (995 99) 787088





Working period in GBDC “Caucasia:

The project you have worked for: 


Working position:


Trainings: Business trainings in the fields of Regional students consulting project


 Period: April – July, 2007 year.


Period after working in GBDC “Caucasia”

1.       Bank of Georgia, September – November 2007 year – Credit Expert, bringing clients and working with loans;

2.       Ltd “Batpharme”, till June 2009 – Sales manager, Relations with clients and expansion of distributional network.

3.       Ltd “Floreal”, June 2009 till today – manager of network store, management of store and sales growth .


Date of completion: 19.03.2010