GBDC – History, Mission and Future


Georgian Business Development Center (GBDC) Caucasia is founded in 2002 by professors, lecturers and alumni of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU).

In 2001 – 2004 GBDC elaborated and developed business consulting services for small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurial skills transfer to youth through close cooperation with Saint Marys University Business Development Center (SMU BDC) and financial assistance received from Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). The services include:

  • Business proposal development;
  • Marketing and social research;
  • Management consulting;
  • Business Training;
  • Assistance to small farmers cooperation;
  • Popularization of preservation of cultural heritage;
  • Training of students in business administration skills;
  • Recruitment of trained students in business consulting projects of GBDC and assistance to farther employment;
  • Management of business development da employment events

Since 2005 GBDC has:

  • Implemented more than 100 successful small and medium sized business projects, including start-up of new businesses, attraction of business grants in favor of entrepreneurs, assistance to existing businesses for further development, establishment of agricultural cooperatives and assistance  to target industry development;
  • Trained more than 3000 SMEs and farmers in business skills;
  • Assisted employment of more than 1000 students and youth;
  • Organized all together 10 business development, employment, education forums, festivals, ICT events and co-organized 5 folklore festivals;

In 2007-2008 GBDC has founded daughter NGOs, GBDC Caucasia Batumi Office and GBDC Caucasia Akhaltsikhe Office. Both institutions are successfully managing agribusiness, tourism and youth human resource business training projects in partnership with USAID, FERT – French Farmer Cooperation and local youth department programs.

Since 2009 GBDC is part of public monitoring activities – “Watch Dog” based on its own initiative, what aims enhancing the accountability of youth to be the part of development of competitive business environment, independent media and transparent self-governance.

In 2012, GBDC elaborated the online concept of showcasing the progress of ongoing projects and  also development of human resources www.mTbilisi.com Today the concept is methodology of management of business consulting services of GBDC. In the nearest future the methodology will be accessible for SMEs, which will be receiving services at new online platform.

Today, with donor and corporate funding, technical assistance of state universities, GBDC and its daughter organizations are:

  • Affordable Consulting Mechanism – for Small and Medium sized businesses;
  • Human Resource Incubator – discovering new people, training them and assisting in farther employment;
  • Civil Society Development Instrument;



Mission of GBDC  

  • Engage youth in entrepreneurship;
  • Increase capacities of SMEs;
  • Assist attraction of investment in regions of Georgia for starting up new SMEs and development  of existing companies;
  • Popularize entrepreneurship in rural areas and assist creation of attractive business climate;
  • Take part in activities popularizing preservation of cultural heritage, particularly folklore;
  • Assist increase of Social Corporate Responsibility attitude of local organizations;
  • Assist the active engagement of youth in taking part of civil society development;
  • Assist to innovation;


GBDC Priority Industries

Agribusiness, tourism, cultural heritage, ICT, innovation, alternative energy sources, environment.


GBDC Target Groups

Micro, Small and Medium sized entrepreneurs and farmers,  students, socially deprived and IDP youth, indigenous people preserving intangible cultural heritage.


GBDC Future Strategy

In 2014 – 2024 GBDC aims to assist establishment of new SMEs, expansion of operations of existing businesses and their readiness to face new market challenges related to perspective of integration of Georgia to European Union and joining of European economic zone from 2014. The career development assistance of youth, preservation of cultural heritage and taking part in public monitoring activities is and will be the main engine of GBDC to keep strong Social Corporate Responsibility attitude.

The guarantee of success to mentioned activities is improvement of GBDC capacity: 

  • Increase awareness of GBDC on market data, renewing of technical base of GBDC, recruitment of new staff with long – term contracts, improving management consulting skills of existing GBDC employees and mobilization of GBDC alumni  to guarantee the expertise for implementation of business consulting projects(Alumni – former students who took part in GBDC consulting projects and today are successful entrepreneurs or employees of organization and continue close cooperation with GBDC.
  • Renewing the team of trainers, consultants and industry experts, signing new long-term contracts for future cooperation;
  • Conducting awareness campaigns in universities, potential investors, donors and state funds about progress of GBDC activities  and success of its clients;
  • Permanent supply of SMEs with trained youth and offer of GBDC alumni expertise;
  • Increase scale and improve GBDC events  - Job Placement and Education Fairs, business plan competitions, ICT and innovation promotion fairs and cultural events;
  • Development of new online consulting platform of GBDC, assisting showcasing the progress and transparency of current business and industrial project development and human resources development, what is the base for successful decision making process for investors and employers.
  • Increase capacities of GBDC Watch Dog activities.