Business incubation service includes long term consulting service and technical assistance for local business development. In frames of business incubation service Micro, Small and Medium sized enterprises (MSMEs) are assisted to improve and manage their marketing, management system and finances. This process is conducted by graduate bachelor and master students and with assistance of University professors and lecturers. 


Business incubator will serve local entrepreneurs operating in tourism, service industry and agribusiness sectors, to start up or expand their businesses.  


Each incubatee will have its own working place (computer, cell phone, etc.) in the incubate department of GBDC Caucasia Regional office that is allocated near the client company. Business incubation period lasts from 6 to 36 months, according to business type.


The incubated companies will be equipped with office space. Each incubation manager will be presented from hired staff of Incubation Company or GBDC Caucasia consulting officer – graduate bachelor and master students who were involved in various Student Consulting Programs implemented by GBDC Caucasia, or newly hired staff. The incubation company will be managed by three student consulting officers: marketing and selling officer, financial officer and management officer. Their work will be supervised by professional experts/consultants – Faculty Consulting Board – representatives of State and Private Universities, leading Georgian companies, commercial banks, international organizations, managers of international donor projects, etc.