Batumi Office

On 21st of April, 2007 Georgian Business Development Center Caucasia funded GBDC Caucasia Batumi Office in frames of Regional Student Consulting Program in Adjara, funded by USAID SME Support Project. Planters of GBDC Caucasia Batumi Office are GBDC Caucasia Tbilisi Office, Shota Rustaveli State University, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Adjara, JSC “Elit-electronics” and Demna Dzirkvadze.


 GBDC Caucasia Batumi Office is established in Shota Rustaveli State University to consult and technically assist representatives of micro, small and medium sized businesses, train and recruit youth and representatives of MSMEs.  


In frames of “Regional Student consulting Program students worked on projects involving business plan development, grant proposal writing, conducting market researches, etc. the best business-oriented youth, selected from business trainings were working on these projects under supervision of Faculty Consulting Board, compiled with local business experts and lecturers of Shota Rustaveli State University. Their remarks and suggestions about concrete project development was guaranteeing the quality of consulting service.   


Grant proposal writing farmers and local entrepreneurs was financially supported by Millennium Challenge Georgia Fund Agribusiness Development Activity, which is implemented by CNFA.


To be introduces with the projects, implemented by Student Consulting Officers (SCOs) of GBDC Caucasia Batumi Office, Please follow the link “Batumi Office”


On 28th of June 2008 GBDC Caucasia Organized Education and Job Placement Forum 2008 in Batumi as a conclusive stage of “Regional Student Consulting Program in Adjara”. Forum was funded by USASID SME Support Project, OSCE Mission to Georgia and “Elit-Electronics”.    


As a result of Education and Job Placement Forum 2008, GBDC Caucasia Batumi Office gathered 1530 CVs, an companies get 1016 CVs according to their job criteria. Most of application forms (132) were held to TBC Bank. 


Totally about 40 companies participated in Education and Job Placement Forum 2008 in Batumi.


The following projects were presented on Education and Job Placement Forum by Student Consulting Officers:

  • Co-partnership “Matchakhela” – Union of Matchakhela Ravine Beekeepers. Project was funded by “Elit-Electronics” (55 000 USD) and Millennium Challenge Georgia Fund Agribusiness Development Activity – MCG ADA (41 720 USD).
  • LTD “Vagi” – Production of fruit jams and juices. Funded by MCG ADA (100 000 USD)
  • Sole Proprietorship “Zurab Kirchkheli” – Distribution of juices, chocolates and mineral waters in Adjara region. The project was presented for future funding.
  • LTD “Adjara Travel” – Travel tours in mountainous districts of Adjara.  The project was presented for future funding.
  • LTD “Iurmala” – Distribution of cosmetics and perfume from Latvia. Funded by “Elit-electronics”  


In December, 2008, GBDC Caucasia Batumi Office was registered as independent NGO and now it is continuing to assist local MSMEs in development. 

Projects implemented by GBDC Caucasia Batumi Office


  1. LTD “Vagi” – Cannery production in Guria, village Chokhatauri. Company is producing natural jams and juices of various fruits. Ltd Vagi received financing from Millennium Challenge Georgia Found Agribusiness Development Activity  (MCG ADA) - 100 000 USD.
  2. Sole Proprietorship “Beglar Mikeladze” – Provides raspberry production in Khelvachauri , village Adlia from 1997 year.
  3. Sole Proprietorship “Zurab Kirchkheli” – provides distribution service of mineral waters and chocolates during last 10 years in Adjara Region.
  4. LTD “Kakhaberi 2005” – Cattle breeding and milk production firm provides 7 to 8 tone milk annually and supplies to different companies. Project was funded by MCG ADA (45 500 USD)
  5. Co-partnetship “Matchakhela” – Union of Matchakhela ravine beekeepers was established in 2007 with support of GBDC Caucasia Batumi Office. Main activity of  the co-partnership includes production and realization of honey and wax. The project received grant from MCG ADA - 41 720 USD.
  6. Iberia Pontomarin  Aquaculture (IPA) – Company is producing mussels at Gonio seaside from 2005. The project received grant wit amount of 90 860 USD.   
  7. LTD “Chakvis Chai 2007” – Provides packages of green tea. The product is realized at local markets inside Georgia , as well as abroad (Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Mongolia and Dagestan)
  8. LTD “Ango XXI” – Cattle breeding farm, established in 2006. The project that was funded from MCG ADA (39 400 USD) aims to produce high quality cheese and curd.
  9.  LTD “Skhalta XII” – Company is an union of four exporter companies; and it was established with support of GBDC Caucasia Batumi Office. “Skhalta XII” provides export of agricultural products: citruses, apple, nut, beetroot, cabbage, carrot, etc. Company was funded from MCG ADA – 113 300 USD.
  10.  Sole Proprietorship “Nikoloz Gobronidze” – Provides different household activities during last 10 years and one of the main activities is fish production.
  11. Sole Proprietorship “Nodar Tsetskhladze” – Beekeeping in Adjara region, village Chao. Entrepreneur sells his product (honey and wax) in Adjara.
  12. Scientific research of Jemal Beridze – Grant proposal for the research had been developed to gather the information about ecological clearness of aquaculture products.
  13. Kvariati Café-Bar – Student initiative that had been developed by GBDC Caucasia Batumi Office Student consulting Officers. As a result, they worked in cooperation  with Fashion TV bar.