Milk processing training in Akhmeta and Marneuli

In the ENPARD program, it is organized by EVOLUXER and Cooperative Development Agency, The Business Development Center of Georgia conducted training on the primary dairy processing of milk in Akhmeta and Marneuli municipalities, The target group of the training was represented by breeding cooperatives.
The trainer was led by the invited expert, Doctor of Agricultural University, Full Professor Givi Basiladze.

The training course included:

- Food production

- Artificial insemination

- The importance of veterinary inspection

- Milk processing technologies

- To protect hygienic norms

- Disease prevention

The professor informed the target group about the importance of food production and the peculiarity of the necessity of introduction of a subsistence farm. Explained why the ratio is so important, he also spoke about the positive sides and necessities of artificial insemination, disease risks, hygienic norms of milk production and their importance.

Givi Basiladze provided the listeners with information about the modern technology of milk processing: milk thermal treatment modes, how many degrees are required to heat the milk for the production of certain products.
Discussions focused on technologies, storage conditions and standards of butter, sour cream, cottage cheese and cheese.

He explained to the farmers the standards and requirements that the business operator should have in the enterprise, talked about the role of HACCP, as well as the GMP & GHP. She introduced her ways to protect her from diseases. Talked about the problems in the field and informed them about the current events and their visions in which ways may use to improve it.
The discussion was held between farmers and professor, one of these farmers talked about the tradition of making traditional technology, which caused great interest among the listeners. During the training one of the farmer trained the attendees to arrange cheese tasting made by their own technologies.

After the training, cooperatives recieved the certificates.