Assistance to Georgia of FERT

Assistance to Georgia of FERT – French Association for International Cooperation for Agricultural Development Begun in 2011, this action is aimed at increasing farmers’ incomes and at the economic development of the dairy sector, milk being the main production of rural populations in this typical mountain region. It involves helping the farmers to better master the technical factors of progress and to develop the functions and services they deem necessary. Ultimately, the challenge is also to enable them to become force proposal in the definition and implementation of policies at national or regional level. Main Partners in Georgia: GBDC (Georgian Business Development Center), the farmers association Ertoba (“Together” in georgian) two dairies, local and international NGOs, two agriculture services and suppliers, Akhaltsikhe State University (local university). Main Partners in France: Savencia Fromage and Dairy (from the Bongrain dairy group), Coopex Montbéliarde